Curriculum Vitae


  • B.Sc. University of Singapore 1963
  • B.Sc. Hons. University of Singapore 1964
  • M.Sc. University of Singapore 1966
  • D. Phil. Oxford University U.K. 1969


  •  Singapore State Scholarship  1960-1964
  • Commonwealth Scholarship Oxford University 1965-1968
  • AAUW International Fellowship 1971-72
  • President, Oxford University Malaysian-Singapore Assn. 1967-1968
  • President, Western Society of Naturalists 1985-1986


Editor or author of the following: 

  • Author “Chinese Cooking Made Easy,” AAUW Cabrillo-Diego Branch 1975 (60 pp.)
  • Editor “Marine Insects,” North-Holland /American Elsevier 1976 (581 pp.). Available for free public download at the University of California eScholarship Repository website:
  • Co-Editor “Prochloron ”“ A Microbial Enigma,” Chapman and Hall 1989 (129 pp.)
  • Editor “Proceedings of International Symposium on Biotechnology of Salt Ponds,”     Ministry of Light Industry, P.R. China 1991 (283pp.)

Scientific papers published in reviewed national or international journals (See separate list)


Invited speaker, organizer or symposia chair of international and national conferences, including the following:

  • Symposium “Ecology of Marine Insects”, XV International Congress of Entomology, Washington, D.C. 1976.
  • Organizer and chair International Symposium “Biotechnology of Salt Ponds,” Tanggu, P.R. China, 1991.
  • Symposium “Ecology of Marine Insects,” XX International Congress of Entomology, Florence, Italy, 1996.
  • Program symposium “Insects in marine and saline environments,” Entomological Society of America Annual  Meeting, San Diego, USA, 2001.
  • Co-keynote speaker of special symposium “Association of prokaryotic algae and tropical ascidians: diversity  and potential as bio-resources,”  21st Pacific Science Congress. Okinawa, Japan 2007.
  • Invited lecturer, Center of Excellence Program, University of the Ryukyus, 2007.
  • Symposium “Marine insects – Systematics, ecology, phylogeny and zoogeography”, XXIV International  Congress of Entomology, Daegu, Korea, 2012.
  • Chief Technical Advisor: United Nations Development Project – Biotechnology of Salt Ponds, Salt  Research Institute, Tanggu, PR China 1988-1990

Chief scientist or participant of biological and oceanographic expeditions, including the following: –

  • Sea-skater I Expedition, Baja California, Mexico, R/V Dolphin 1975
  • Sea-skater II Expedition, the Galapagos Is., Ecuador, R/V Alpha Helix, 1978
  • International Prochlorophyte Expeditions, Palau, 1979, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1988
  • Oxford University Biological Expedition, Seychelles, 1985
  • Research expedition, Marine Biotechnology Institutes, Japan, R/V Sohgen Maru, Palau, 1994, 1995.
  • Biological expedition, Bahamas, R/V Seward Johnson, 1995
  • STAR Survey, Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean, NOAA R/V McArthur, 1999
  • NUS Biological Expedition, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, 2000
  • VPRO Beagle Voyage, Tahiti to Sydney, Jan 22 – Feb 20, 2010